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KTM Parts Look-Up

use this web site to look up and find the KTM part numbers for the parts that you need

Contact Alan Buehner with these KTM part numbers so he can check his parts inventory


OEM Parts Finder



KTM 400 - 420 - 495 Pistons

Seven 4 Racing

(828) 577-3366




1972-80 KTM Reproduction Graphics

 Reproduction tank and side panel graphics for

1972-1977 PENTONs   1978-1980 KTMs

Printed and Laminated on Contemporary Moto Material

Reproduction of one of a kind or unavailable can be replicated with provided picture or original examples.

Skip Miller 817-798-5861

SLM Graphics 817-229-5576

Available on http:\\ Ebay tab for the Ebay store listings.

For graphics inventory type in the search box

Vintage Penton Graphics  


Preston Petty Fenders

Stickly Hodaka




Reproduction Plastic Fenders

vintage glossy white fenders made by Maiers for Penton & KTM Motorcycles

KTM World (Atlanta, GA)


CZ/ Maico Parts

Northwest CZ/Maico




Ossa Parts
Alex Snoop

Keith Lynas San Diego California 


Bultaco  Parts
Hugh's Bultaco
Phone: (518) 851-7184



Mobley’s Bultaco Parts

  (775) 267-2103 or

fax (775) 267-9813


Rokon Parts
 Mike Murphy's Rokon Renew

email- RT340AUTO@AOL.COM